Dress Code 2017-2018
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Monday, April 10, 2017
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Dress Code 2017-2018


1.     Khaki dress slacks only --- light Khaki color

·        No cargo style pants (pants cannot have pockets on the side of the pants legs)

·        No corduroy or jean material

·        No oversized pants

·        No skinny pants

·        No Joggers

·        No tight pants

·        No holes or cuts in pants (holes caused by wear must be patched or mended)

2.     Pants must fit at the waist and be no longer than floor length. (If pants are too loose in the waist when not wearing a belt, they do not fit in the waist.)

3.     Pant legs must be worn loose on the outside of socks and shoes.

4.     Students may not wear gym shorts, leggings, thermal underwear, and/or any other street clothing under pants.


1.     Solid black polo shirt with no logos, emblems, numbers, writing or pockets.

2.     Shirt must be size appropriate --- cannot be too small or too large

3.     All buttons must be buttoned except for the top button.

4.     Males - Only 1 WHITE crew neck t-shirt may be worn under the black polo shirt. T-shirt may not have any logos, emblems, numbers, writing or pockets.

Females Only 1 Plain WHITE crew neck t-shirt or 1 plain, WHITE crew/scoop neck tank top. (Shirts may not have any logos, emblems, numbers, writing or pockets.) Females are allowed to wear only 1 bra.

5.     Shirts must be tucked in at all times. (if student chooses to wear the optional sweatshirt, the polo shirt must still be tucked in)



1.     A plain black, solid leather dress belt must be worn at all times. (No oversized buckles, metal studs, decorations or emblems of any kind allowed)


Sweatshirt: (Optional)

1.     Black crew-neck sweatshirt with no logos, emblems, numbers or writing

2.     No Hoodie style sweatshirts

3.     No over-sized sweatshirts. Sweatshirt should not be more than one size larger than shirt size.

4.     If a student chooses to wear the sweatshirt as part of the uniform, the sweatshirt must be worn at all times throughout the day (except P.E. time)

5.     Students are not allowed to wear other students’ sweatshirts nor give another student their sweatshirt to wear.

6.     PLEASE, put student’s name inside sweatshirt to make it easily identifiable.


Shoes/ Socks:

1.     Must cover the entire foot.

2.     The tongue of the shoe must be underneath the pants leg.

3.     No house slippers or steel toe shoes

4.     Socks are considered part of the uniform as well. Therefore, no inappropriate pictures or emblems are allowed on socks to include but not limited to: marijuana leaves, gang related symbols, reference to drug/alcohol, etc.

5.     Only 1 pair of socks may be worn



1.     No jewelry allowed.

2.     Hair of any style/color that is disruptive to the learning environment and/or attracts negative attention is not allowed. This is at the discretion of school administration and the administrator's decision will stand as the accepted judgment.

3.     Mohawks and designs cut into the hair (other than a part) are not allowed.

4.     All tattoos and body writings must be covered at all times --- this includes face, neck, arms, hands and fingers. Students are required to cover all tattoos before entering the Crossroads Academy building. If students enter the building with tattoos or body writing uncovered they are subject to out of school suspension.

5.     Students may only wear a plain ponytail holder in hair. No other hair accessories, of any kind, are allowed to include but not limited to: clips, barrettes, bobby pins, handkerchiefs, bows, ribbons, strings or alligator clips.

6.     Students may wear makeup that is modest and does not attract negative attention. (This is at the discretion of school administration and the administrator's decision will stand as the accepted judgment.)

Students are allowed to wear coats and jackets to and from school. However, students are not allowed to wear coats/jackets after they enter the Crossroads Academy building. Students must remain in dress code at all times throughout the school day. Students riding the bus are not allowed to change out of uniform on the bus or to have a change of clothes held for them by the bus driver/monitor and/or other students.

Students that fail to comply with the dress code will have parent/guardian called and will be removed from the regular classroom until they can comply with the dress code.


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