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Throughout the school year the Crossroads Academy Alternative School Counseling Department organizes different activities depending on what students need. Students are seen individually and in classroom guidance sessions where they are taught skills and share information in small-group settings.


Groups are structured and goal focused. Students learn important life skills that enhance their ability to succeed academically and socially, as well as cope with stressful situations. Some of the topics for the small group sessions are: anger management, conflict resolution, goal setting, and alcohol/ drug awareness


Crossroads Academy Alternative School also works in conjunction with agencies in the community such as Prison Prevention Ministries and the Health Department. Prison Prevention Ministries provides trained professionals and speakers from the community who come to Crossroads to share time and personal experiences with the students. The Teen Resource Center provides Health Education programs with topics such as (but not limited to): The Risks of Sexually Transmitted Diseases including HIV/AIDS, and Teen Pregnancy.


The Crossroads Academy Counselor is Mrs. Ethel Quintanilla. She can be reached at 706.271.2495 and/or